From 1998 to 2002 Faculty of Musicology at the Arts and Letters University of Lyon II.

2004 Current music training at APEJS / MA Chambery singing and flute.

In 2007, Laurence Moletta obtained DEM electroacoustic music composition at the ENM of Villeurbanne in the class of Bernard Fort, then deepened the study of acousmatic composition at the Royal Conservatory of Music of Mons, Belgium in the class of Annette Vande Gorne and music applied to movies, in the class of Denis Pousseur.

In 2008 she trained in Digital Arts at the Center of Contemporary Digital Writing where she puts Nicolas d'Alessandro, with whom she will make her first experiments with the digital capture of the gesture.

Professional career:


In 2005 Flutist and singer in the Big Band named Genie in the Alpages led by Laurent Dehors, made the first part of the Gotan Project at the Ministry of Culture in Paris, plays at the Jazz and Smuggling Festival and at Jazz Action Valence. Flutist / piccolo in the Micromegas Brass Band conducted by François Raulins.

In 2006 she joined the group of performers Pure Heart at the Machinante in Montreuil. She works with Blandine Scelle, Emmanuel Rebus, Didier Calleja, ...

In this context she meets the choreographer butoh theater Patricia Novoa and creates the music of her show called The Tempest. Which was played Gérard Philippe room in Villeurbanne, and Espace Bertin Poiré in Paris.

In 2009, she joined forces with a team of researchers from the Polytechnic Faculty of Mons in Belgium and joined the "Numediart" research program.

She works with Christian Frisson and Todor Todoroff.

 Together, they reflect on the process of creating a prototype of sensor capable of remotely controlling their sound processing software, thereby transforming the sound of their live voice with codified gestures. This device will take the name of "BIODIVA". In order to finance her project, she obtained a grant from the Belgian Ministry of Culture: The Wallonia-Brussels Digital Arts Federation Section.

The computer programming part of BIO DIVA was realized by Alexis BOILLEY in his first version, then relayed by the InterfaceZ team.

This device was developed in residence at IMAL in Brussels, at the Royal Theater of Mons, at the Abel Dubois Auditorium in Mons at InterfaceZ in Paris.

My Sensors Gloves's name is BioDiva

Laurence MOLETTA uses her sensors gloves in two shows where she is the artistic director

The corridor of lost steps
Laurence Moletta Artistic Director
Artistic Director: Laurence Moletta
Laurence MOLETTA collaborates in several shows with her sensor gloves as an augmented improvising singer